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Palermo: Open Call "Momentum"

  • Minimum 33 Via Giacalone Palermo, Sicilia, 90133 Italy (map)

Mōmentum is an open call for photographers widely-based on the concept of migration. The selected images will be part of an installation at MINIMUM and featured on DER GREIF’s Specials. 

#FREE submission via Picter >> << Maximum 3 images

• Why submit to »Mōmentum«?
The selected images will be printed to be part of an installation at Minimum Studio in Palermo (Sicily - Italy) as well as featured on the website of Der Greif - Organization for Contemporary Photography.

• About Mōmentum
The theme of the open call is widely-based on the concept of #migration. We are looking for images related to this theme through all photographic genres and approaches. We would like to broaden our approach towards the concept and representation of migration. Indeed, we are looking for images that depict emigration, immigration, resettlement, routes, traces, movement, and so on. The Latin word “mōmentum” means movement, but also motion, change, revolution, moment, circumstance, importance, influence. In physics, momentum is instead the product of the mass and velocity of an object, or a person. Minimum itself is a site in Palermo (Italy) founded and managed by authors that have decided to move (or come back) to Sicily, Palermo in particular, after years of travelling; Sicily has always been in time a melting pot of different populations, so cultures and arts, customs and traditions. And it still is.

• Judging Criteria
The results of the open call will be shown in three different sessions, one per judge. Each curator will have a look at the images submitted ; as soon as an image is chosen by the curator, it will be printed and exhibited at Minimum, later displayed online on Der Greif’s Specials webpage.

• Minimum Window-Showcase (Installation)

The three curated installments:

> 1st session: 16/04/2018 - 30/04/2018, curated by Diane Smyth, digital editor of The British Journal of Photography;
> 2nd session: 01/05/2018 - 15/05/2018, curated by Marina Paulenka, director of Organ Vida - International Photography Festival;
> 3rd session: 16/05/2018 - 23/05/2018, curated by Salvatore Vitale, photographer and editor-in-chief of YET magazine.

As soon as a picture is chosen by the judge, it will be printed and shown at Minimum Studio in Palermo. The picked images will be part of an installation exhibited inside a window-display in the courtyard of the studio, open to the public. As soon as the window-display is full, the other prints will be placed over the first layer, and so on. After the end of the open call, the installation might “emigrate” to be displayed also in other venues. All the photographers involved will be mentioned even if their images will not be visible anymore. The installation is curated by Simone Sapienza (Minimum).

• Der Greif Showcase (Online)
All the images selected by the curators will be part of an online archive on Der Greif. As soon as a picture is covered by another print in the window-showcase, it will be available online.

• Timeline
Call for entries open: 23 February 2018
Submission deadline: 31 March 2018
Start winner announcement: 16 April 2018
End winner announcement: 23 May 2018

• Contact
Any questions regarding your submissions or Momentum in general? Please refer to

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Minimum is a perimeter open to the new languages of photography and image, made of research, collaborations and commissions. It was born out of a desire to host and promote the work of those who took part in its creation, while giving a space and voice to the experiences of artists external to it. Located in a former warehouse in the historical centre of Palermo, Minimum is a place inhabited by images, machines, prints, ideas, books and projects. It is the creative effort of people who work with and live of photography, and of many other things •

• About Der Greif
Der Greif - Organization for Contemporary Photography researches subjects affecting the production, distribution, presentation and thus our perception of photographic images – on screens, in print as well as in exhibitions. All projects connect virtual, physical and / or print-spaces.